The Weekly Plan offers either
of the menu meal options.

You choose your meal via text message on Wednesdays.

Delivered on Saturday.
Enjoyed any day.
Billed Weekly
Delivery Every Saturday
Protein & Carb Heavy
2 Meal options/week
Eat Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Eating Club?

Thank you for asking! Eating Club is a subscription food-delivery service that delivers a new meal every Saturday. Our meals are prepared, packaged and delivered all on the same day, so freshness is a guarantee and something we’re proud of. We only use locally sourced ingredients and our menus are planned based on the season.
We started Eating Club because we’re passionate about making eating something enjoyable and stress-free while you’re at college. Thanks for checking us out!

How does Eating Club work?

1. Pick Your Plan.
We offer two meal plans (Gains and Grains / Lean and Clean). 
Each plan has specific criteria (GnG is bulkier for athletes while LnC is more lifestyle approached for someone staying healthy but still likes to live a little). Each plan has a set schedule of meals throughout the semester, but don’t worry you can switch to the other plan for a week or two if you want to.

2. We Deliver.
Chef Alex (our executive chef) prepares and packages your meal and then delivers it right to your door/dorm.

3. Heat and Eat!
Enjoy your meal using the instructions in the box. Some meals may require heating while others are best-served cold. (we’ll let you know, don’t worry.)

4. Connect.
Keep in touch on Social Media or check out our blog. We’re always putting out content :)

Where does Eating Club deliver to?

Currently, Eating Club calls Cornell University home and we are only delivering to Cornell students within the Ithaca area.

How do I get in contact with the Eating Club?

Hey! We love hearing from our customers. Just shoot an email to any one of our team members.


How much do the meal plans cost?

We offer 3 different ways to subscribe.
All options include shipping and handling. Taxes applied at checkout.

Weekly - $15.99/week (billed weekly)

Seasonally - $85.99/season
A season is 6 weeks or ½ of a semester. This package is billed at the start of each season and decreases throughout the current season due to fewer meal deliveries. 

Semesterly - $162.99
This is a one-time purchase and includes all 12 meal deliveries for an entire semester. (price decreases as the semester progresses due to fewer meal deliveries.)

What am I committing to with a subscription?

You can change or cancel your subscription any time! Even if you order the semesterly or seasonal package, you may cancel and receive a prorated refund based on how many weeks we’ve completed.
We’re committed to making our customers happy, that’s why you can cancel, or switch your subscription anytime.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, click account -> Memberships. You may only cancel your subscription on the Wednesday before the Saturday delivery date. 

Can I switch my meal to another plan? (I'm on Lean and Clean, but I want the Gains and Grains meal for this week.)

To switch your subscription for any amount of time (one week, indefinitely), please follow the steps in this form. You may only switch your subscription the Wednesday before the delivery date.